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Forgiveness and Mercy in a world devoid of both

Forgiveness and Mercy in a world utterly devoid of both I can still vividly recall the first time we experienced Forgiveness Vespers and the rite of forgiveness that followed…at the time we were still very much still working through whether we wished to convert as a couple or not – I was convinced fairly early on, but as a couple and a family we were still working it out. The Rite of Forgiveness really struck us.   We really had no words to express what we experienced that evening – except to perhaps say: Wow, that was really amazing, we were deeply moved by it. As I recall, when we sat down into our car to leave we almost simultaneously asked each other: “Okay so when are we going to convert?” The Church, in her wisdom – guided by the Holy Spirit – insists that we begin Lent with forgiveness. We must not discount the importance of this, just as surely as we must not discount the various other themes given to us on the other Sundays leading towards Lent. Now, it may seem initially

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