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That Insidious Noise

  St. Sisoes the Great over the bones of Alexander "the great." An article/story published by NPR about far-right extremists becoming Orthodox is making the rounds, and it meshes with a context that many of you know I've decried for several years now: the violent contorting of the Orthodox Church - her way of life and teachings - in order to render her a combatant in the socio-political culture war (SPCW). It is difficult for me to express the extent to which this strikes me as a futile effort akin to trying to bring oil into solution with water.  There is nothing at all wrong with having political opinions, voting your conscience, and considering political matters. However, the SPCW is something more insidious. It has a way of becoming a near constant in our lives as it infects every aspect of our day to day living. It almost seems to mindlessly WANT to become the very context by which we interpret everything: what we hear in the news, what we hear people say, what we se

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