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Dragging Jesus onto the Rutted Road

       This meme, which has been on a social media tour lately, is by no means expressing a new idea. This notion of contrasting a supposed "conservative" caucasian Jesus against an "historical" (i.e. "liberal") Jesus was something I'd seen expressed long before there were memes - and I myself recall utilizing similar sorts of arguments, even putting up signs (pre-memes) on my dormitory door at an evangelical bible college to irk my more conservative fellow students. But this is a perfect example of what I'd mentioned previously about dragging Jesus onto the rutted road and trying to cram Him into one of our ruts.  The act of dragging Jesus onto the road isn't something that is done with any thought at all, rather it is assumed. This is because we unconsciously perceive the world through the lenses of our 21st century American socio-political and cultural narratives - this is something we cannot easily escape. Everything we experience, see, he

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