The Handyman's secret WEAPON

The Handyman's secret WEAPON

I realize I can sometimes be stupid. I also realize I sometimes have a slight tendency toward mental instability (sometimes people tell me I talk to myself and I've noticed I'll often say things that just pop into my head which are unusually random...maybe I have a slight case of Tourette's?) Anyway, despite all of this, the real identifier of my intellectual inferiority is this little escapade.

I was trying to wrap up some Nativity figures and needed to use a strip of duct tape to wrap them all tightly in a paper bag. But since one hand was holding the bag, I decided the way to unravel a strip of the tape would be to use my mouth to secure one end and then pull with my other hand. It all worked brilliantly until I needed to retrieve the strip of tape which was now secured to my bottom lip.

It hurt when I pulled, but I didn't give it much thought until I noticed a stinging sensation, the taste of blood, and the odd fact that the end I'd held in my mouth was now not holding to the paper very well. It wasn't holding to the paper very well because the skin that had until recently adorned my lip was now blocking the heavy duty adhesive action of the duct tape.

I suffered the rest of the day with what felt like the worse case of chapped lips I've ever had. Lesson learned? Yep. If you didn't have to die to win a Darwin Award, I reckon I could at least get a nomination.


Liz in Seattle said…
Excellent. Maybe you could get a nomination in the "Too Late: Not Dead, Already Bred" division.

No kissin' Sue, now, y'hear?
bob said…
Where was u-tube when it was needed? For this you could have sold tickets.

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