Need Help with Project

I am heading up a little project for teens this summer through our Parish in which we will be examining the question: "Who is Jesus?"

Basically I will be presenting to the kids the vast spectrum of opinions and answers to this question that exist in the world and we will critique such opinions. What I need help with is in finding more examples of these opinions - particularly in the form of movies, documentaries, websites, etc...

Examples might include:

Jesus was a vegetarian
Jesus drives a subcompact car
Jesus hates all organized religion....ummm except mine (which of course isn't organized.)
Jesus was 'Married with Children'

The main gist of what I want the kids to learn is really quite simple:
1. Recognize and critique the vast opinions outside the Church.
2. Who does the Church say Jesus is?
3. Realize the trustworthiness of the Church to be the authority in answering the question of who Jesus is.

So, any other resources anyone can point me toward? What group is using Jesus as their poster child these days? Where can I see more examples of an unbalanced potrayal of Christ?

Please feel free to email me privately at the "contact" link above...thanks in advance!


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