The New Management Church

Invading my mailbox, ringing my doorbell, or calling me on the phone is in my mind (yes, sinful as it is) an open invitation to criticism.

Remember the Mega-Church with the "under new management" banner? Well, imagine my suprise to find in my mailbox (addressed to "Resident") an invitation to attend their "Celebrate Freedom" services next weekend! What an amazing coincidence! A truly beautiful mass mailer post card: full color, the American flag prominantly displayed, a group of bikers on Harleys (?), and a familiar red head with his adorable wife.

Wow, I had no idea that it was Casey Treat's it turns out, ole Casey has been busy since I last heard him back in my Northwest College AG days. Apparently he has spawned his own little denomination! (two churches! Hey don't laugh, every denomination started out this way!) Of course, he'd deny starting a new denomination...every new denomination today must by default claim not to be one. "We're different!"

His web page has a cute vertically scrolling banner in which he asks: "Are you born again?" Well, how could I resist! I must I born again?!?!?!

Now, if I made it to step 7 (Hallelujah! I'm on my way to heaven, woo hoo!)...why should I bother with step 9? Casey offers no a Bible verse which just simply implies that it was done in the New Testament. What good is baptism if I'm already redeemed, saved, washed, "on the way to heaven" and "born again"? Ahhh....that beloved term "born again" which is said once in all the New Testament and henceforth so heartily clung to by the evangelical world...but when Jesus explained to Nicodemus what he meant, did He really say: "Being saved or born again is receiving Jesus as your Lord (Master), committing yourself to follow His Word (the Bible), and believing that God raised Jesus from the dead"? Because I always thought He said: "Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God. " Hmmmmm....

I think Casey has the order mixed up...perhaps step 9 should come before step 7? Oh...I better stop...not enough sleep last night and so I think I have the monday morning grumpies.

Why the cool guys riding Harleys on the postcard? Apparently at the "Celebrate Freedom" service they will include an indoor Harley parade which "you will not want to miss!" Unless of course you'd rather not die of carbon monoxide poisoning! A strange sort of incense I guess.


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