Under New Management

Securing a pocket door framing kit at a more distant than usual nightmare home improvement warehouse store, I noticed an evangelical mega-church right accross the street. A huge banner bore the glad tidings:

New Leadership!
New Message!
New Church!

Wow! How exciting!

I shall bring to our Parish council an idea for our own banner:

Old Leadership!
Old Message!
Old Church!

Alas,not sure if we Orthodox are very big on banners,excpet maybe for our ethnic fesitvals. Regardless...funny change of perspective for someone in our culture to view "old" as something much more valuable than "new." Hmmm...I also helped today in moving a very old piece of furniture and its heftiness and quality was quite evident...a stark contrast to most "new" furniture built today which seems to exist only to serve a most temporal rift in fashion culture. Churches aren't all that different I guess.

I'll take the one that is hard to move and will support all the baggage I'm carrying, thank you very much.


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