So much to much to marvel at...too tired. Absolutely worn out and it is a good feeling. The last week and more has had our house and our Parish in a constant state of preparation - truly both a family and community event. Richer than anything I have ever know - Orthodox Easter makes every other religious celebration I have ever been a part of in my life seem positively bland. For you converts, can you recall when Easter was not Pascha? You know what I mean. More to say later...after I have slept.

Christ is Risen...feast deeply, my brothers and sisters.


Anonymous said…
Khristos voskrese!
Meg said…
I recall all too well what Easter was like: Now it's Good Friday. Now we're supposed to be sad. Now it's Easter. Now we're supposed to be happy. And no buildup, no walk through Holy Week, just an awareness that whatever I "gave up for Lent" was finally within reach. The joy of Pascha is something that has to be experienced; there's no way to describe it.
emily said…
This was my first Pascha. There are no words to describe it adequately, except to say there's nothing like it.
Mimi said…
Indeed, He is Risen!

Paschal Blessings to you and your family!
Brother Kyriel said…
Chist is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and upon this in the tombs bestowing life!

Indeed He is Risen!
Thomas Ham said…
I had never witnessed anything like Pascha! It was SO beautiful and full! I loved it!

Truly He is risen!

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