Unusual Religious News
"In the Name of the Edge, Bono, Larry, and Adam...amen"
The dying Episcopal Church is hoping that the addition of the U2 Eucharist to the 1979 Prayer Book will liven things up.

"Same sex marriages held hostage by Minneapolis Church of Christ"
Demanding that until same sex marriages are legal, this church will no longer perform any marriages. No word on how many ceremonies were actually cancelled or on whether anyone gives a crap.

"Church play dares to ask: What about the women at the crucifixion?"
Pastor Roxie Davis says: ""I decided to do it because I never heard of anyone look at the women who were with Jesus at the time of his crucifixion." Suggestion: Yellow Pages - "Orthodox Church"

"Life Magazine profiles America's 'coolest' churches"
Alas, mine didn't make the list, how 'bout yours?


Thomas Ham said…
use if "icons" in a lot of those cool places, eh?
Anonymous said…
Wow. You seemed to drudge up every strange ecclesiastical story in the news this week. I find the "Saint" John Coltrane church to be fascinating; I'd actually heard about that one quite a while ago. The U2 story just made me sad, though.

BTW, Mr. Ham, you should google "Saint Gregory of Nyssa Episcopal Church," and you'll find some interesting icons.
Thomas Ham said…
You just dislike U2 Erin, so let them be! You don't know music to your ears when it hits them! =)

Also, you were right this morning... Lord have mercy! Those icons were so irreverant and blasphemous if I might say. So So So Sad! I saw the slideshow of their service too and it made me want to cry! Lord have mercy!

I wish you a joyous feast day today! We have seen a glimps of the Ressurection to come!
Terry (John) said…
James, better change that to read Minneapolis UNITED Church of Christ, to put it in context. No way a Church of Christ would take a position like that! Back when I was in the CoC, it would give us fits to be confused with the uber-liberal UCC.

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