Warp Speed Mr. Sulu

Mr. Sulu backs gay activists.

Okay, so the attachment of George Takei to this news actually diminishes the more pressing issue. Here you have gay activists going to private Christian colleges (mostly) to protest their policies. Billed as a sort of civil rights tour (see thier Bus with Ghandi and MLK), the organizer says that the institutions they are confronting equate homosexuality with sickness and sin. It's time to have a conversation instead of defaming our humanity.

Yes, let us have conversation. Shall we begin with what does it mean to be human? To what degree does our sexuality define us as human beings? I think the colleges (or churches) are wrong in banning "LGBT" people from attending, but by the same token they ought not to compromise their values or the teachings of historic Christianity. Our example is Christ, who loved and accepted...but who also said to "go and sin no more."

The ongoing confrontation over this issue is going to steadily increase. Legal issues already abound and they will also continue to arise. As more and more homosexuality is made into an issue of civil and human rights, we as the Church need to be prepared to address it with love, kindness, compassion, eloquence and without compromise. For we are constantly going to be facing it whether a tour bus arrives or not. In the end, I fear, we will still be labelled bigots because at the foundational level we disagree over what it means to be human. And once that label is set these days, it is as destructive of dialogue as "faggot" is.


Anonymous said…
Ah yes, the Equality Ride.

They came to my school (Biola University), and hardly anyone heard a peep from them. That's because Biola said, 'Okay, if you're coming to our campus, we'll schedule your day for you, and we'll have discussions.' They had closed discussions with Psychology and Theology grad students, with undergrad student leaders, and administrators and faculty. It didn't make the news, none of our students had the opportunity to be jerks, and none of their students had the opportunity to poison our minds with their liberal theology.

Their website has some interesting information and details about their stops at each university. It seems as if the Biola visit was quiet in comparison to the rest of their stops.

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