The Double Edged Sword of the use Establishment Cla

The Double Edged Sword of the use of the Establishment Clause

There are so many things wrong with THIS I really do not know where to begin.

What the heck does the Dalai Lama have to offer outside of his religious credentials to speak about compassion? Does he have a secular degree in compassion studies? Why listen to him as opposed to Frank the exceptionally nice nice bus driver? Do orange and yellow robes somehow make someone an expert in compassion? I mean, why not bring the Ecumenical Patriarch out to speak about environmental stewardship? What would he have to promise NOT to say in order to bus school kids on taxpayers' dime to hear him? Did the Dalai Lama have to promise not to mention any of the "Four Noble Truths"? Or any aspects of the "Eight-Fold Noble Path"?

I love how Seattle can selectively misapply the Establishment clause and I sure hope someone raises hades about it.

Seattle's Spencer pointed to research that shows that compassion and healthy social and emotional development in kids decrease bullying, increase self-control and improve academic achievement.

Great...and the Dalai Lama will inspire this how exactly? In one speech you will accomplish all of this? Astonishing!

"Our feeling is that this is a great opportunity for students to participate in, learn more about, and have fostered in them literally seeds of compassion"

Sounds religious to me. Of course, the irony is that kids are not stupid. As secularism and moral relativity is shoved down their throats they will wonder: " WHY exactly should we have compassion?"

The fact is, if compassion is not taught at home, the government (no matter how many famous buddhists they bring in) will not be able to get kids to "participate in, learn more about, and have fostered in them literally seeds of..." anything except ongoing moral ambiguity necessarily derived from secularism and scientism.


Anonymous said…
The Dalai Lama lecturing on family life and child-rearing. Hmmm.

Your point is right on about public education, given its agenda, wondering why kids act up. That's just funny. It reminds me of being at the University of Minnesota 1969-1971. Our professors passionately advocated Marx, Nietzsche, Kant, and Sartre, but were appalled when we burned down the on-campus ROTC building. Apparently, we did not understand that Nietzsche would've taken Kent State in stride.

Gary Patrick
bob said…
Yes, it is hugely important to realize that no one has ever, ever taught children or anyone else compassion before in Seattle. Those odd looking pointy topped buildings, those churches, have only taught oppression and hatred. To hear the things they say about the DL, you'd think he was Obama or Al Gore....Nice haircut, though.
Anonymous said…
So the DL, "the recognized leader of Tibetan Buddhists and the exiled political leader of Tibet", is here neither as a religious nor a political leader. Is he then just going to give us fashion tips? Perhaps he's a master plumber in his spare time, since he's in exile?

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