Pascha Countdown

Pascha Countdown

I finally got rid of the long since expired "homesick counter" and changed it to a Pascha Countdown. And, to demonstrate my worldly appreciate for the coming feast:


Anonymous said…
Hey, don't they know that all that smoke is bad for the planet? Sheesh ;-)

On the other hand, they killed a lot of bovines for all that meat, which decreases atmospheric methane. So what do we have here? Good for the environment? Bad? Neither? Both?

Gary Patrick
fdj said…
Straight faced once, I told a woman who was lecturing me about eating meat and global warming, that we now know that the eradication of Buffalo was one of the best things we Americans have ever done for the environment - a little reverse-revisionism.

She stared at me: "Are you serious?" I put on my poker face.

Anyway...the kids are already practicing their Urukai impression: "Look's like meat's back on the menus boys!"

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