Misc. Silliness

Misc. Silliness

First, if you don't think THIS is hilarious, you're not taking enough Vicodin.

I'm weary of the stupidity of the news following the "Pregnant Man" story. It's not a miracle. It's not even a man...frankly. The "dude" has no Y chromosome and retains his female plumbing...so...ummm...where is the shocking miracle here? The fact that this person is "legally" male (yes, the state can legally determine your gender based on...ummm...based on....does anyone know?) really does not constitute the person's real biological gender, right? So, good night...this is Oprah worthy? Of course, I've not seen an Oprah episode is like a decade, so maybe she's a slightly more refined Jerry Springer now?

A woman has her nursing appendages removed, takes some hormones and is suddenly a man? Yeah, sure. These are the miracles of our collective society today?

And most importantly, (I hesitate to put this under the title of silliness) the new season of Battlestar Galactica has begun and the full episodes are available online. One word...one geeky word: BITCHIN!


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