People Get Ready

People Get Ready...

I've little to say...tired already and still so much more to do. It is odd watching the world carry on around us as normal, while we join millions of others who in an other-worldly place.

So many emotions spurned by such subtle and nuanced portions of our traditions. The words of Isaiah's prophecy cause me to fight with all my strength (since I was reading them) to avoid breaking out into tears and yet by the end of the same day I am teetering on the edge of uninhibited joy by the melody and words that exhort both our Lady and ourselves: "Do not lament me....for I SHALL ARISE!"

I often wonder what some would think were they to be told that on this night, in that little business park on the corner of Bond Road and Highway 305 in Poulsbo, a vigil is being kept around a tomb wherein God lies?

It is GOOD to be in the midst of this time and to be amongst our friends and brothers and sisters...sharing and working together; worshiping and preparing, planning and making our meat and cheese ridden fast-breaking meals...and together keeping watch so that we may all gather early in the morning at the now empty tomb. What can one say? Those of you who know...well, you know. Those of you who don't...well, come and see!



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