I go to a mosque?

I go to a mosque?

This is pretty funny.

But, in a way, it is also kinda sad. I note from the NYP article (linked in original article) that the Deacon particularly notes his concern over offending Muslims.

The mosque??? [shaking my head and laughing]


Anonymous said…
I know the "mosque" of the Holy Transfiguration well. We lived in Greenpoint, several blocks away from the mosque. I've even worshiped in that mosque. I didn't know Fr. Wiaczeslaw (spell check suggests "Coleslaw") was an Imam. He must be bi-ritual, as the Latins say. It's probably an asset in Brooklyn. It's also the church that was in the Seinfeld episode in which George decided to convert to Latvian Orthodox.

Fr. Christopher
fdj said…
Of course...we DO have the dome of ours that came from....

Liz in Seattle said…
Why, this is most excellent! Remember our dear Episcopal priest(ess), Ann Holmes Redding, formerly of St. Mark's Cathedral? The one who declared that she is also a Muslim? Now she can attend just one worship service on Sunday, and take care of both sides of her faith. I'll bet she's packing her bags for New York right now.

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