Now THAT'S a Palm Cross!

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophilos III leads Palm Sunday procession at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.


Ethipian Orthodox Priest

Am I the only person who thinks that the traditional Orthodox egg painting says something about us here when compared to those cheesy boxed dye kits we get?


Meg said…
I still remember my mother-in-law raising Cain when I wanted to make Ukrainian Easter eggs: "What's wrong with *regular* Easter eggs?" she groused to her cousin (who thoughtfully repeated her comment to me). Every time I see a pastel Easter egg, I break out in hives.

And yes, that was *some* palm cross!! Almost made me think palms were cooler than pussy willows, and I *infinitely* prefer pussy willows.
Mimi said…
Beautiful Palm Cross! I like having both the Pussy Willows and the Palms together, which thankfully we do.

The Ukranian Easter Eggs are beautiful as well.
layne (herman) said…
that is a serious palm cross.
Anonymous said…
No, I'd love to learn how to weave a cross like that!

Meanwhile: about the Ethopian Priest, I believe that would be a Bishop there. I don't think even in Ethopia anyone less than a Bishop can wear the Mitre. Most likely MSNBC or whoever got the caption wrong.

fdj said…
I wondered about that Basil, but I have a lone synapse that fired off the notion that in some churches an archpriest can wear a mitre - so I went with the caption.

Anyone know?

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