Forgive us...

Without getting into the controversy surrounding the use of the gas in ending the siege at the Moscow Theatre, I was none-the-less quite impressed with some of the words Vladimir Putin had to offer his grieving nation. At one point he said: "We have not been able to save all. Forgive us." when would we expect to hear a politician ask his people for forgiveness for anything unless there was undeniable evidence such a photos or tape recordings for some immoral act? I don't know much about Vladimir Putin, but his words really seemed exceptional to me.

I am grieved by the loss of life and I cannot help but echo the words of a mother of one of the victims who upon venerating her son's body proclaimed: "My Alyosha. We'll remember you for ever, for ever, for ever. God forgive us all."

Yes indeed...God forgive us all, for the world we have poluted with our sins.


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