A Marriage Prayer

I wrote this prayer quite awhile ago and have it bookmarked at work where I often offer it to God. I am working to try and take my home-church responsibilities more seriously for the salvation of my children, my wife, and myself. I am frequently reminded the Litanies in the Divine Liturgy, which we conclude with the following:

...let us commit ourselves and one another and our whole life to Christ our God.

I am truly fascinated by this statement because if you really think about it: how do we commit ourselves AND one another? I suspect that this is testimony to the belief in an ontological existance of community whether we perceive it or not. When we commit ourselves to Christ, we are commiting others along with us...in the same sense that I mentioned the reality of sin in the earlier post entitled Sin and Chemotherapy Holiness has an ontological reality as well! From death and darkness, Holiness is redeeming community, restoring LIFE and reigniting LIGHT. Through Christ we can actualize these things and since we are members of one another we will shed LIGHT and LIFE to others. In the lives of some saints, people could literally see LIGHT and LIFE oozing from them.

I want to fill my home with that LIFE.


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