Sad News

I just got off the phone with a detective from the King County Sheriff's department.

I found out yesterday that a former schoolmate and coworker had died of a gunshot wound and apparently her husband is going to be charged with murder. I also knew the husband and had in fact been fishing with him a couple of times...he did always strike me as an angry and violent man - the kind of person who just gave me the creeps and always had me worried that he was going to pick a fight with someone. After getting to know him, I generally tried to avoid him. I had no idea that the "injuries" that were appearing on his wife when she came to work were being caused by him. Apparently, unbeknowst to me, after leaving our lab she had her jaw broken and confided in somone that her husband was responsible. Now she is dead, and two young boys have lost their mother and father.

May her memory be eternal and may God watch over her children.

As strange coincidence would have it, my posting on this sad topic connects with my friend John Bell's post from yesterday in which he reminds us of the intensity found in the Orthodox funeral service. The voice of the departed is heard one last time:

Looking on me as I lie here prone before you, voiceless and unbreathing, mourn for me, everyone;brethren and friends, kindred, and you who knew me well; for but yesterday with you I was talking, and suddenly there came upon me the fearful hour of death: therefore come, all you that long for me, and kiss me with the last kiss of parting. For no longer shall I walk with you, nor talk with you henceforth: for to the Judge I go, where no person is valued for his earthly station: Yea, slave and master together stand before Him, king and soldier, rich man and poor man, all accounted of equal rank: for each one, according to his own deeds shall be glorified, or shall be put to shame. Therefore I beg you all, and implore you, to offer prayer unceasingly for me to Christ our God, that I be not assigned for my sins to the place of torment; but that He assign me to the place where there is Light of Life.

Again I say: Memory Eternal!


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