The Holy Apsotle Thomas

Tomorrow is the feast day for the Apostle Thomas. According to Holy Tradition, Saint Thomas brought the gospel to India in 52AD and was subsequently martyred there around 72AD. There is still today an Orthodox presence in India. The Malankara (Indian) Orthodox Church is apart of what is commonly referred to as Oriental Orthodox, or non-Chalcedonian - which means in essence that they rejected the Ecumenical Council of Chalcedon. Included in the communion of the Oriental Orthodox are the Copts, Armenian Orthodox and the Syrian Orthodox. There is in truth a good deal of dialogue between the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox and there is also a good deal of hope for reunion especially since the faith and practice of the two churches are amazingly similar. An organization devoted to reunification has a very nice website with lots of info HERE.

Anyway, the Indian Orthodox boast of a membership of 2 million (perhaps really not that impressive given India's population) and some 1500 Parishes.

Troparion of St Thomas
Thou wast a disciple of Christ and one of the Twelve,
and by thy unbelief didst proclaim Christ's Resurrection.
By touch thou wast assured of His holy Passion,
O glorious Apostle Thomas.
Pray to Him to grant us peace and mercy.


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