Saint James makes the front page

Wow...and here I thought that the story was simply some obscure story in Christianity Today it is actually a MUCH more prominent newsbite than that. The story is being carried by the AP and can be found all over the place (Yahoo, CNN, etc.) I think one of the better stories is recorded at National Geographic, even though they also include Witherington's (the nameless professor that I mentioned in the previous post) anti-Mary perspective on the find. It seems like this guy is missing the significance of the find and instead is just wanting to take a swipe at what he believes is a "Catholic" doctrine. Instead, he is taking a swipe at 2000 years of Christian teaching.

A quote from the good professor:
"When James is referred to as the 'brother of our lord' in the New Testament, the word used means 'blood brother.' It would have to be qualified in context to mean something different [than what Catholics believe]."

Now really, does this guy expect us to believe that all the Roman Catholic Scholars...or worse yet all the GREEK Orthodox Scholars don't know their ummm....ahem...Greek? Sigh... is a wonderful find and makes the celebrating of my nameday this wednesday even cooler!


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