Dirty Jeans

For the first time in a very long time I went shopping for a pair of jeans. Besides finding further evidence of how old I am getting, I also learned that all the seemingly homeless kids I have seen lately, may not have been homeless at all. In fact, they are actually making brand new jeans look that way.

Yep, right there on the rack, pair after pair of "new" jeans that look like Levi Strauss gave them to homeless people to wear for 6 months (and never wash) before handing them over to retail stores.

Remember "stone washed jeans"...well I kept looking for the tag on these nasty things that said "Pre-soiled" or "ready for washing." They look absolutely nasty...sort of like the way my old jeans looked after a long day of hauling dirt, wood, and wood chopping. Heck I'd sooner put them in my catbox before wearing them!

How in the world does Levi Strauss do that? Is it really the fashion rage to look like you've not bathed or washed your clothes in months? I'll admit, I grabbed one pair and sniffed it - fully expecting it to smell like my downtown Seattle bus.

Ok, where the hell are the Wranglers? Fashion is the surest sign that people are utterly insane.


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