One more note about the "Battle in Seattle"

I received an email from the "Movieset" site which is apparently hosting the film's production website. You can see that Paradosis is also mentioned in the news section here, where my viewpoint is deemed "unconventional." Cool.

I, of course, can only speculate about the overall portrayal of the events in the film, but I will say that this - from the synopsis - does not inspire confidence: What began as a peaceful protest intended to stop the WTO talks quickly escalated into a full-scale riot and eventual State of Emergency that squared off peaceful and unarmed protesters against the Seattle Police Department and the National Guard.

In my experience, truly peaceful people rarely have need to find themselves squared off against the Police and National Guard. But, that's just me...Police say "enough is enough...go home" and I go home. "Anarchists" show up and start breaking, busting, and vandalizing...I definitely go home.

As far as the title being accurate and whether or not the riots "rocked the world" or that they were "the most incendiary political uprisings in a generation", well I will just leave you with some statistics from LA that make the "Battle in Seattle" look like little more than a bar fight.

Deaths: 58

Injuries: 2,383 (228 critical)

Arrests: 12,111

Fires: 7,000

Estimated damages: 1 billion dollars; 3,100 businesses affected by rioting or looting


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