Dump the hybrid and buy an old F-250

My father and step-mother came to visit last weekend. It was nice to see them and we had a good time. My father and I frequently have interesting conversations and one of them steered toward environmental issues and he said that he had read somewhere that the greatest environmental impact made by cars is found in their material production rather than in their operation. A fascinating point, because if it is true then it means that all the earth cookies out there buying new hybrids thinking they are doing their part to save mother earth would actually do better to buy something like a 1978 Ford F-250 with a 460 diesel.

O you modern hippies, you earth cookies: Hear the call of mother earth , your new hybrid cars are killing her...buy an old beater pickup and start hauling compost and manure.

O you crunchy con christians: What would Jesus drive? A hybrid? Public Transportation? A little itsy bitsy Nissan? Heck no...Jesus would most assuredly be an old pick up truck man.

You could set my truck on fire and roll it down a hill,
and I still wouldn't trade it for a coupe de ville...

...or a hybrid.


Anonymous said…
I believe it's something like 1/3 of the pollution from the lifetime of the average car comes from the production process. So a hybrid with the much-touted half the emissions is only really 2/3 the emissions.

For this, and other reasons, most of the hard-core car-haters actually hate hybrids more than regular cars.
Anonymous said…
as much as I respect your father, I'd love to see some substantiation of the trade offs.

fdj said…
He rattled off a few details, but frankly I was so enamoured with the notion that I did not pay much attention.

In essence it revolved around the notion that the amount of work and pollution involved in creating, producing, and finishing the massive quantities of material that goes into a modern car (plastic, glass aluminum, synthetic fabirc etc) has more of a detrimental effect than the actual operation of an already existing vehicle.
Anonymous said…
I found http://www.ucolick.org/%7ede/AltTrans/UCSgoodbye.html -- which isn't exactly a primary source now, but it's something.
John S. Bell said…
"Jesus would most assuredly be an old pick up truck man." Probably with a tool case and a ladder rack attached. What else would you expect a carpenter to drive?

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