The Joys of Parenting during Liturgy

So, our sweet little boy Joseph decides during liturgy recently that he needs to explain something to Mom and Dad. He grabs our attention and then proceeds to demonstrate a great prostration worthy of making a hieromonk jealous. Upon his recovery from the manuever, he turns around and announces at a parental ear cringing volume:

"When I do that, my butt crack shows."


Mimi said…
Anonymous said…

Too funny!

Meg said…
Reminds me of the story about the little kid who was captivated by the saints on the iconostasis. Just as his mother was envisioning him as a future saint himself, he turned to her and whispered, in that kid whisper that can be heard throughout the church: "Mommy, do those saints wears underwears?"
Stacy said…
You just made my morning!
Liz in Seattle said…
What I want to know (given that you stand near the front) is a) did Father hear that in the Altar, and b) if so, how on EARTH did he keep a straight face?

Inquiring minds want to know.
Munkee said…

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