Now we count the days...

...until power is restored. Some are saying this storm was worse than the inaugural day storm. I managed to leave work and ride the bus through the crowds on insane Seahawk fans going to the game. Walking down to the dock from 3rd left me utterly drenched, jumping into Elliot Bay might have actually dried me off.

I made the 4:40 boat and as I was walking down the gangway, the power at the Ferry Terminal went out. It sorta reminded me of that moment when the lights of the Titanic finally went out as it sank. During the trip, the guy sitting next to me was literally wringing his clothes out to dry them and the wind steadily increased as we moved west.

Once we were near the island, we could see a whole series of bright blue-green flashes across the night sky as grid after electrical grid was being disrupted by flying debris. But the real manly winds would not arrive for a few more hours, and when they did: wow.

Rade and I stood out on the dark front porch (our power went out quite early) to watch the trees bend when we heard a very large crack and crash - even louder than the neighbor's generator. This morning as I surveyed some of the damage, Sue pointed out the top of one of our conifers was missing - from the direction that we heard the noise so it was very likely what we heard. Otherwise, nothing significant on our property.

However, out on Widme (the main road near ours) the power lines are in shambles - wires laying in the road and several poles mangled...we have no idea how long we will be powerless. Reports are saying over 1 million homes are without power...which beats the inaugural day storm by almost 300,000 homes. Sigh, it may be awhile.

Okay, what's next?


Anonymous said…
I have been enjoying your blog very much.

May God keep and protect your family through these very tough days.

I have often heard it said that houses which have been blessed with holy water, rarely suffer major damage in big storms. We live on the east coast and between the occassional hurricanes and the wild nor'easters we have never suffered bad damage to the house. Thank God! So make sure every nook and crany is blessed and light that lampada!

God bless!
Anonymous said…
Maybe we should all take up a collection and get you folks a proper generator? Do you have a hookup for it?

- Steve K
Munkee said…

Isn't it even just a little bit fun to go without some of these things and rough it? Perhaps I've romanticized things like this growing up Little House on the Prairie. Who knows.
Anonymous said…
Stay out from under those trees. The death of the deacon still has me rattled. Last night it sounded like trains going past in the night with the wind. I had thought the ferry trip might have been pretty fun, but not if you have to park it. -- Bob K.
fdj said…
Steve...if you can FIND a generator anywhere in western Washington, I'd gladly accept it.

Aaron...YES, there is a certain romance to it all - even something GOOD for me to be found in it. But...a single night is one thing....two nights is one thing...four nights and possibly more begins to weigh heavier.

However, we keep plowing on. Easier for me to say that Sue, since I am able to come to work where we still are masters of electrons.
Mimi said…
What we found (our power came on yesterday morning) was that once it got dark, we were ready for bed - "well, it's 7:30, I think I'll turn in"

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