In Praise of Candles and Wool

Day 5...preparing for night 6 without power, which will make it a record for me. Yesterday some hope was kindled when Sue saw a PSE truck meandering down our road and on my way home from work I saw a crew out at the "crash scene" on Widme Road. However, hopes that we might awaken to power were dashed when I was risen from my slumber by the sound of the water coming back to life and still required a flashlight. Driving to the P&R I noted that the "crash scene" remained as it had been since the first night. Sigh, at least it seems our running water is predictable now: 6am-11am and then 5pm-10pm (give or take an hour).

Sue had opted to use candles around the house last evening instead of the battery powered lanterns we had been using, and I must say that they are far far superior. Besides giving off MORE light, the light they give is also far more inviting and warm. It was a welcome change and with the kids duly warned not to touch the candles and to answer to the contrary at their own peril, the evening was quite enjoyable. Vegetable soup and bread for dinner, and a warm sponge bath/shower of water taken fresh off the wood stove. A life of do we survive. Fasting from electricity, anyone want to join us?

My sister's fiance' gave me a pair of wool socks. Since then I have spent much of my time mourning for having wasted 38+ years without them. As an avid Salmon and Steelheader it is inexcusable that I ignored the repeated suggestions of their worth...never again. Put them at the top of my Christmas list. Besides their warmth and further their suitability for warmth despite water, they are frankly about as comfortable as anything save a massage. Putting them on after work is a small gleam of light in an otherwise dark world.


Paige said…
Just be glad you don't get water to your house via an electric pump.
fdj said…
We do Paige...but the water company got a generator out there so we get water part of the time.
Mimi said…
UGh. Although, the vegetable soup sounds lovely, as does the wool socks.

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