Deaf and Blind to the world

Beginning Friday afternoon until late Sunday evening I did not read a single newspaper, surf one single webpage, hear one wavelength of radio, or see a single particle or wave of light from a television. And I didn't miss any of it.

It was almost like going to a three day long liturgy and walking out asking: "I wonder what happened in the world while I was away?"


Anonymous said…
Some times I wish I could get away from "the world" for a few years or so. But then I think hard about what it would take for me to become a monastic and I run screaming in the other direction... I've had much the same feeling here in Serbia, albeit not at the same spiritual level as being in a monastery, but if I could just get my grandmother to turn the TV news off (we get BBC), and I could show self-discipline in my internet useage it would probably do me a world of good.
Anonymous said…
James, ya didn't miss a thing!!!
Munkee said…
Great sentiment made me miss Washington...we're due for a Seattle visit soon. Pray that this works out.

Anyway, back to your sentiment...i think this was a long overdue trip for you. I'm always so refreshed when i come back from St. John's (Which i won't be doing much longer), i live in the world and this is where the monastery has prepared me for. It reminds me of heaven, but prepares me for earth, and yet beckons me, "further up and further in."
Fr. David said…
Spent the first half of Spring Break at Holy Archangels' GO Monastery in Kendalia, TX, so I know about the whole "bubble boy" feeling you keep it with you for a while, too...a strange and calm detachment from the hubbub around you.

And man, does the Jesus Prayer ever get you back there quick! least for a while.

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