NBC’s Revelation

I overheard on the radio both a catholic and an evangelical complaining about NBC’s new miniseries (I think it’s a miniseries) about the “end of days” which is NBC’s interpretation of St. John’s Revelation. Hey I figure they can probably do as good a job as any of the thousands of Christians who “have it all figured out.”

The Catholic was complaining about the portrayal of a nun as a lead character who is “buying into all of the non-catholic dogmas” regarding eschatology. The evangelical was complaining about two things: that catholics always get Hollywood’s religious spotlight and (not surprisingly) that NBC’s interpretation is “all wrong.” His first point was interesting, and true because you never see evangelicals battling demons in movies!

Why does Hollywood always seem to go to the Catholics when it comes to such movies. I wonder if part of it isn’t because the vestments, prayers, and traditions etc add to an air of authenticity? Maybe it gives a certain “seriousness” to a film that desperately needs it?
Who knows.

The evangelical’s second complaint was typical. As someone who used to follow the likes of Hal Lindsey and his “Late Great Planet Earth” nonsense, it was a great relief to become Orthodox and see an utterly different take on St. John Revelation. And so watching the show last night, I had a sort of shoulder shrugging attitude. YES, I watched it and I freely admit to doing so. I simply cannot resist any chance to see Hollywood engage religion because it usually bounces between Schwarzenagian big special effects stupidity or in the more independent genre a sort of fluffy everyone is equally right lovefest. It’s the rubberneck in me…waiting anxiously for the trainwreck, or at least the Kenmore Air floatplane to sweep over a kayaker in Lake Union.

But for all it’s stupidity, I enjoyed the show last night. Yes, I enjoyed it. And here is why: the show has Jesus returning as a little baby and where does He see fit to make his appearance? What cultural and religious environment does He choose to be kept safe in? The ORTHODOX of course! Yes, that’s right! While the Roman Catholic’s are scouring the world trying to find Jesus, the Orthodox are standing in line (like communion) to venerate Him on Patmos. Jesus is with the Orthodox! I laughed out loud.

Come on guys! Victory dance in the endzone! And they say NBC has it all wrong...tosh!


Anonymous said…
Well no sh*t!

Huzzah I say, huzzah!
Anonymous said…
If there's anything weirder than a Hollywood Bible movie with towels and bathrobes, it has to be any production to do with "demons", et al. A wise man I used to know once pointed out that if you advertised a talk about God, you would attract no one. If you put up a sign advertising a talk about the devil, it would be standing room only, spilling out into the street. Alas, still true. Showbiz knows how to put butts in the seats. -- Bob Koch

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