Fun stuff in honor of the weekend

Testosterone ridden toys for geeky guys

See it take off here
See it fly here

It has a 23 foot wingspan and real honest to goodness jet turbine engines. I'm sorry but if you don't think this is cool and say in your heart of hearts "I want one", you must be a girly man or something.

By the way, see it crash here.

And an F-14 Tomcat...with appropriate musical accompaniment.

I understand RC jets can set you back about as much as a car (ranging from decent used to luxury new).

If I were a rich da da da da dee...


Munkee said…
Dang!!! That was beautiful! Dude, the pilot of that jet needs to be commended for incredible skill!
Fr. David said…
Heh, heh...sweeeeeet.

But ohhhhhhh...that crash just hurt to watch. And you wonder how much they cost to buy...I wonder how much that'll cost to fix...

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