The strangeness of my everyday life

On saturday I am out working on my remodel - pretending to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that I am decidedly NOT a carpenter. As I hammer, drill, and measure (often incorrectly), I am listening to the local Classical Music radio station.

Suddenly, with my hammer poised to strike an improperly placed nail, I hear "religious-speak" on the radio. To my immense surprise it is a commerical for the "Anglican" church that sounds very much like the typical evangelical mega-church appeal. But it was so vague in much of what it said, that I was never quite sure if it was a "continuing Anglican" group or the Episcopal's trying on a new name (by the way, the ECUSA website has a very nice Icon on it...curiously the first icons I ever bought were from an Episcopal bookstore, which they got from St. Isaac of Syria Skete. Why do I hear episcopalian voices in my head saying: "See we can have cool icons too...please don't leave?")

Then after I was finished marvelling at the commercial, the next piece of music being played had a very familiar refrain that I could not quite place until about three quarters of the way through it: it was the Paschal Troparion! I kept listening to make sure and indeed it had to be, I was able to sing right along. It was lovely....and witha friend on the phone I predicted that it must have been a Russian composer and as I listened for the announcement: sure enough Korsakov's Russian Easter Festival Overture.

Then the Anglican commercial returned, and I smiled as I returned to my amazing carpentry skills.


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