At an internet bar here in Amsterdam, sleepily awaiting my flight to Paris. It's funny how you can travel almost 5,000 miles over the artic to nearly the other side of the planet and find the weather is precisely the same as the place you left: cold, gray, and wet.

An amazing quantity of English for the tulip bulbs and wooden shoes for sale, I'm not sure I'd be able to easily tell that I've gone anywhere at all. Apparently the Dutch cannot afford those handheld metal detectors, because I got fully "felt-up" by some young kid for setting off the alarm in the walk-through...a bit to invasive for my American taste.

I did find a Jack Chick tract in the bathroom at SeaTac, I promptly disposed of it for fear that someone besides myself might actually read it. It wasn't even a very good one...but still had me giggling know. to Paris...where I hear the weather is cold, gray, and wet.


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