Titulus Crucis

This is a plank of wood that is purported to be the sign hung above Christ on the cross. I breifly saw a film called "The Quest for the True Cross" on the Discovery Channel last night, which introduced me to this relic. It is really rather difficult to find additional information on it, but I did find THIS webpage, but you will have to use a translator (e.g. babelfish) to go from the Spanish to English...unless your spanish is up to better snuff than mine, which typically proceeds no further than taco, burrito, and jalepenos. And frankly, even the translation is a bear to work through.

I will continue to look for more info...authentic or not, I find this stuff fascinating.


Luz the Magpie said…
*grins* This kind of thing reminds me irresistably of the saying that in pre-reformation Europe there were enough pieces of the True Cross floating around to rebuilt Noah's Ark. Yet... I too find it fascinating. And I don't get the Discovery Channel either :-(
fdj said…
An atheist I know made this point about there being so HUGE a quantity of the Cross, and I asked him if he actually knew how many peices of the "True Cross" there actually were and if indeed he was able to verify that there exists far more than could possibly be contained in a cross? Every piece I have ever seen (pictures) has been a tiny insignificant splinter of such size that it would afford the existance of billions of them.

In the end, He had to admit that such claims are spurious, made more to support existing presupositions rather than verifiable fact.

But, of course, I know first-hand how relics can and often are faked. But even God can use a faked relic...after all He sometimes uses people.
Pintradex said…
mmmm... burritos
Anonymous said…
the link to the article in Spanish is not working. could you post again? Thanks.
fdj said…
sorry Melissa....fixed it.

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