Orthodox + Baptist = Anglican?

A strange via media for Rowan. Glad we could help, I suppose.

Wow...anyone out there besides me who could use a good dose of going to Vespers ( or say like Liturgy this morning) and afterwards be able to say: "I found myself that evening kneeling at prayer in tears and feeling that I’d been taken somewhere new. I had to change, I had to grow, I had to repent. I had to let that reality become more real for me."

Maybe it's just chasing emotions, but sometimes I feel like I teeter on the edge of such a changing experience. Like a surfer trying desperately to get over the cresting water for that climatic and refreshing slide down the face of the wave. We former pentecostals know and recall that we pretty much lived our Christian lives from one emotional wave ride to another...struggling to catch every wave that passed us by. frustrated by every loss chance...wondering why - if we were truly saved - living the beatitudes was so stinking hard!

Advent is coming...catch the wave or not, we keep treading water.

thanks to Dawn for the link.


Mimi said…
That was a neat article, wasn't it?
Anonymous said…
The ABC earned his doctorate with a thesis on Vladimir Lossky. I always thought a person would be somehow affected by their dissertation topic, but in the case of Rowan, it seems to have made little impression. Read the usual drivel to come out of the C of E, and compare it to someone like Lossky, a man who could write "Between the Trinity and Hell there lies no alternative". When Williams can muster up the vertebrae to say something like that, I'll take notice. -- Bob K.
fdj said…
LOL! I can always count on a good comment from Bob with regard to the Anglicans.

I insist sir, that you attend a LOG...we'll have an Anglican bashing night. Show some clown liturgy videos...or maybe attend St. Mark and then drink in their parking lot while hurling copies of The Rudder at their cars.

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