Interesting that...

the nationalist fans of Ataturk would want to expel our Ecumenical Patriarch to Greece! This, I suppose would be the equivalent of White Supremists demanding that we ship Native Americans back to India.

Of course, if the Hagia Sophia had been built in New York City and the Ecumenical Patriarch weren't a Christian, I imagine that he'd presently be having weekly services there with his 49 or so parishoners, and all the original mosaics and art work would be refurbished and the building restored via US taxpayers dollars - accompanied, of course, with a great big apology for slaughtering their ancestors and turning the Church into a mall (the popular US equivalent of a Mosque).

Okay, well maybe not...but you can bet the Indigo Girls would be singing about it, sitcoms would address the issue in their yearly "serious" episode, and Chomsky would be railing against the injustice of it all.

Just keep that cross hidden, your Grace.


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