France Part 2

Try telling a Parisian that he cannot legally smoke in a public establishment.

I have written a number of posts which I have not had time to publish...expect to do so soon after I get home. It was an enlightening trip in many ways, and as always I feel a little strange as I embark on the long trek home, I am not sure I can explain, but a lonely return trip home fron anywhere tends to leave me in a deeply reflective mood.

You will hear me say much about Notre incredible place where I spent a good amount of time on multiple occassions.

Homeward now


Mimi said…
Travel safely and I look forward to hearing more about France and Notre Dame.
Susan Sophia said…
Anonymous said…
Does Notre Dame have a longer name than that or is it simply Our Lady?
fdj said…
Notre Dame de Paris

One of their small side chapels is devoted to Our Lady of Guadelupe - which was rather odd to me because it seemed like a little island of mexicana.

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