Cash Cows

Mrs. Paradosis
recently blogged with regard to the editorial that Fr. Jonah published in the Divine Ascent magazine, which was absolutely excellent – a scalding literary hit on all that we are doing wrong here in America as Orthodox Christians. A copy is not currently available online that I know of, so you will have to take my word on that. Susan deals specifically with a slightly less controversial quote than this one, which I found refreshing:

The mission of the Church in America must not be held hostage to the agendas of patriarchs and synods thousands of miles away in different cultures and nations. They might find that our support for them might even increase, and they do not need to hold on so tight, being afraid of losing their American cash cows.

No holds barred, SMACKdown with Abbot Jonah! Go Abott, Go Abott! Go! Go!


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