Cue the Hallelujah Chorus

HOPS prevents cancer.

Pay no attention to all those little "cautions" and "warnings" in the article like:
researchers warn against expecting any significant effect by drinking a few cold ones

Yeah right, so you need ALOT of cold ones. These little warnings, I am convinced arise more from the scientists' spouses rather than the actual research. Keep THIS in mind:

One of those flavonids, a compound called xanthohumol, is found only in hops. It may help prevent some forms of cancer, researchers say.

And then more wife-like warnings: Still, the level of the compound in beer is generally considered too low to have any significant preventive effect.

Tosh...have they tested the hophead nectars I prefer? Heck one of my personal favs had a special release in which each bottle had a Hop bud floating therein. I like hops so much, I'd likely eat them off the vine to compliment beers that are lacking a sufficient quantity of this sacred ingredient.

And more good news: In cell cultures and animal studies, xanthohumol targeted various types of cancer, including breast, colon and ovarian. "When we give the flavonoid to cancer cells, it seems to slow their growth, which is what you want to do for cancer," said Ho, who is also an assistant professor in OSUs department of nutrition and exercise sciences.

Which all goes to show you that Ben Franklin was right when he is supposed to have said: "Beer is proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy hoppy."


Peterthefisher said…
James, You should start a new "BeerBlog" just for the love of Beeeeeeer! Would the micro brews be better for You than the "Duff" brands? This looks like a government grant in the offing!
Susan Sophia said…
"I am convinced arise more from the scientists' spouses"
"wife-like warnings"

How does that foot taste today?
layne (herman) said…
with this news, the phrase "to your health" seems to take on a new... deeper meaning.
Anonymous said…
And if this evidence isn't enough, check out

Old age is lookin' better and better.


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