Ripped right out of today's headlines...
(since I've never even heard of the show, this little tidbit would have gone under the radar had not someone pointed it out to me)

Tonight on NBC's "E-Ring":

8pm 2005-11-16 ALL NEW!

JT AND HIS TEAM FACE TERRORISM ON OUR OWN SOIL - JT (Benjamin Bratt) and a Special Ops team are dispatched to Detroit where a radical Christian group takes over a mosque and keeps its members hostage.

Yep, the world continues to prove to me that it is insane. They don't even bother chosing a group that no one would be alarmed at seeing portrayed as terrorists, say like Neo-Nazis (ala "Sum of all Fears") Naw...let's pick Christians, goodness knows they do a lot of this sort of stuff.

I mean stop for a moment and think about the motives of this episode's author(s), what is he or she trying to say to us? I suppose if you can't get the real news to justify your suppositions, invent it and perhaps even as fiction it can none-the-less be imprinted on the national conscience.


Anonymous said…
Well, I saw the teaser, and they didn't say "Christian". So I can't comment on that (but I believe it). What got me is that it's rated TV-14, and it's on at EIGHT O'CLOCK ON A MAJOR NETWORK! Okay, maybe I've had my head in the sand.

I wonder how many people think we (as Orthodox) are "radical Christians"? Just a thought...

Munkee said…
I think by our culture's standards, those of us who are Orthodox converts would definitely fit the bill of extremist! The questionairre i imagine goes something like this:

1) Do you take your faith very seriously, to the point that it dictates reality? Yes/No

Answer "yes" if extremist, answer "no" if spiritual.

2)Do you attend services weekly or even multiple times a week?

Answer "yes" if extremist, answer "no" if spiritual.

3) Do you believe that your faith is a superior belief system to the exclusion of all others?

etc, etc. We are extremists.
Anonymous said…
One thing to contemplate is that the writers may not have met an actual Christian. Hollywood is a very insulated world and most certainly not Christian.

fdj said…
Don't forget Aaron: Did the founder of your religion use and advocate violence? but you are right, in many eyes we are extremists (see my sig), and clearly dangerous. Just the other day I was thinking about starting a Crusader Camp in the local hills, but I couldn't afford the RPG's.

Indeed Rick, but all Hollywood needed to do was read a paper to see the extent to which their fictional scenerio (which is protrayed on a program that is sold as being a remotely realistic show - yeah I know, sure sure) is in even in the same zip code as reality. Perhaps the print shop accidently switched the religions in the script?

There is an agenda here, we are being taught something. Watch and learn.
Anonymous said…
The "lenninist Types" didn't prevail in the last election cycle because of the Christian red state voters, so Instead of seeing that they need to change their ways, they have enlisted their hollywood breathren to EVEN the playing field.
Satan is at work here, Removing the Ten commanments from the courthouse, "In God we trust" from our currency,and From our pledge of allegiance.
Christians have always been the backbone of this great country, Thats why its been so Blessed, but if you want to destroy the country remove the backbone.
Anonymous said…
Yeah..blame it on Jewywood. Take a look at the credits, count how many bergs and steins there are at the end credits they produced the darn show.
fdj said…
Yeah right anon...assuming you are serious: I am sure they are observant Jews and part of the zionist conspiracy? Or just liberal PC types who happen to have Jewish ancestry...but then again...

Let's see, what was MY last name ending with these days???? Oh, that's right, "berg"

[cue ominous revelation music]
Peterthefisher said…
let's see now, Correct Me if I am wrong , but the last time a religous group held hostages, It was "The religion of Peace!" (read: islamo facists fanatics) at the Church of the naitivity!

In the meantime I'll try to keep the ladies in Our parish council away from any of the cities local mosque's. ( I just hope the media does'nt find out about the cross on our church piercing the cresent moon of islam laying on its back!)
Anonymous said…
Christians, Do not make good terrorist's/ hijackers! Everyone knows that the best terrorists etc. come from egypt,saudi arabia,iran afganistan, and are always muslims! I like my terrorists to look like terrorists... You know like in the Chuck norris, delta force series of movies, and like the ones that are bothering good ol' marty mcfly in Back to the future" Why is hollywood afraid to stereotype anymore?

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