Who is this?

This news photo of a Russian woman says simply that she is holding a "religious picture." But I do not recognize it at all...no halo, no title/name...can anyone identify her? A Romanov perhaps?


Luz the Magpie said…
Who knows? She looks as if she's wearing a little linen cap fashionable for married ladies at the end of the 18th and into the 19th century.
Hilarius said…
Could be a picture of Empress Maria Fyodorovna, whose remains are scheduled to be reinterred in St. Petersburg next year. There are portraits of her wearing just such a cap.
Chris Jones said…
St Elizabeth, the royal convert from Lutheranism?

Who knows?
Priest Raphael said…
I think its one of Czar Nicholas' daughters...
Anonymous said…
Hilarius said…
James -

I just love a mystery . . . but I think this is your answer:

It is Empress Alexandra

Look at:

www.ekaterinburg.tv/ images/Alexandra1.jpg

Check out the background, the position of the right eye, and the bangs on the forehead.

And I guess we should say Saint Alexandra, new Martyr of Russia
fdj said…
Nice Job Hilarius!



Gee, and I thought Wynnona Rider from "Little Women"

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