Wanna make money this holiday season?

Pick up a couple of XBOX 360's now. Sit on 'em for a couple weeks and then as supplies run short and the insanity begins, hang out in front of an electronics store in an affluent neighborhood and start a bidding war amomgst crazed parents who waited too long and might be willing to beat each other up in order to assure that little johnny has aliens to destroy or cars to jack on Christmas morning.

And this way, you don't have to buy a thing and you too can feel like a good Christian who is non-materialistic, not personally contributing to the commercialization of Christmas, and not oiling the wheels of evil capitalism.

With the extra money, maybe you could make a pilgrimage to see 'Buddha Boy.'


Mimi said…
Or just put it up on Ebay.

I heard that the multi-country simultaneously roll out will contribute to shortages. Ugh.

(not that one of them is on my list to buy or anything, I just hate lack of foresight)
Susan Sophia said…
Ebay already has them for AVERAGE $1000! One auction closes in 20 minutes with 35 bids and is up to $1725!!!

Best Buy WAS...$400--but are SOLD OUT.

Someone is making big money!
fdj said…
In a sad sick way, I look forward to hearing about the fist fights at Target.
Peterthefisher said…
For $1700, I could purchase a first class shotgun, join a trap/skeet club and have money left! To me this is a better way to improve the so called hand-eye coordination. (And not to mention keeping REAL zombies and crack heads in check!)

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