Still wondering at what point I should be concerned...

Riots Spread, Jews express fear as synagogues attacked

This story seemed atypically illuminating to wonders what keeps the teen from moving to the glories of Africa? Certainly not the might and brutality of French Law Enforcement?

...going to keep watching, and praying.


Anonymous said…
The French Have done a wonderfull job protecting the Jew's the last century, Why should it be any different now? The French must believe as We are being told that "islam is The religion of peace"
Anonymous said…
James--when exactly are you going to Paris, and what part of the city are you staying in?
Anonymous said…
On the other hand, you might go and stone the prime minister. I heard that Sarkozy got stoned. It would be more enjoyable to go after Villepin.
Luz the Magpie said…
I've never understood why people emigrate to a country and then start attacking it. My folks were darn glad to get here from 1920s Russia and if I thought Russia was a grand place I'd go back.

One can only assume the ultimate goal is to extend the Dar al-Islam into the West.
fdj said…
Luz...while I do not think it is much of an organized effort, I think you are correct. But then again, what do you and I - mere Dhimmis - know of such things? ;)

Terry, I am leaving the saturday after Thanksgiving and will be there until the following Thursday. I will be downtown here: Centre de recherches biom├ędicales des cordeliers. It is south of the Seine and east of the tower. Just heard word that some trains going to anf from DeGaulle airport have been stopped because of attacks...nice.
Anonymous said…
James--You should be just fine--of course who can say what the situation will be in 2 weeks. I haven't been to Paris since 2000, so I am no expert. The train from Charles de Gaulle Airport is the easiest, quickest and cheapest way into the city, but considering the present circumstances, I would definitely take a bus or taxi from the airport instead. My impression is that the violence is in the outlying suburbs, far from where you'll be.
joel said…
james i hope you have a safe trip and let your eyes guide you the old architecture is stunning, especially the old churches.

if i may add a little counter argument. although i definitely do not condone this sort of violence. this is not new for France (who has a horrible record when it comes to race relations in regards to their immigrant population.). the majority of the rioters are Algerians. and as most should know, France's history there is one of violence and subjugation. Their war for independence was bloody as hell, as French troops were notorious for their masacre and torture.

and for what Luz had stated, i think the Irish, Jews, Italians, etc., who emigrated here throughout the 19th century might have something else to say about this. The were utterly persecuted.

as well, Frances sensitivity towards any religion is quite pathetic. In the nascent days of the riots, numerous Mosques promulgated a Fatwa condeming the violence and those perpetrating it. However, Chirac, exuding tolerance for all religions, publically stated that tey did not recognize the fatwa and did not need the muslim population to intervene.
fdj said…
And I am sure Joel that the FLN were aboslutely saintly in their prosecution of the war?

Naw, dude, I'm done blaming the west. In the end, Islam and Islamic nations have AS MUCH (perhaps more) to apologize and be ashamed for as the west...though only the west sees fit to actually feel guilty about such things. The Pope can offer official apologies to Muslim countries for the Crusades, but what Imam has even bothered to apologize for the centuries of Islamic imperialistic conquest, domination, and subjugation that led up to the Crusades?

I cannot speak to french internal policy, but I also cannot hide feeling just a tad bit happy to see their smugness toward american "intolerance" get smacked around abit.

It's seems "our" Muslims are doing pretty okay here in the land of the free despite the widespread "islamophobia" purported to exist here. (And I say this as a committed "Islamophobe.")

Joel....THE ENTIRE WORLD IS A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE AND one's hands are one. But today it is so wonderfully fashionable to point fingers at those who currently sit on top. But this no greater revelation of truth than to claim that the west can do NO wrong. It's just as stupid.

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