France Part 1

First, are all French keyboards as stupid as this one?

Beautiful city here in the Latin Quarter, I love the feel of agedness. Much to say...but I will save it for later. Why on earth have I been unable to find a single store or resteraunt that bothers to list their hours of operation? Seems most places were closed sunday.

While I have already seen some amazing things, I am anxious to get home. Standing before the Pantheon is awesome, but I am luch more excited to share its photo with frineds and family than be in front of it, alone.


Munkee said…
We had a couple spots we frequented in Paris that would just stay open till we left. Usually very late. That was fun.
Anonymous said…
Hey James! I suspected that the best way to keep in touch with you while you were away would be your blog, and I wasn't mistaken! Hope you are having a great time. I see you are already spelling like a frnechman.

Mimi said…
Looking forward to seeing the photos!

Travel safely.
Peterthefisher said…
Wink at Mona Lisa for Me!

Amerikanski, in France, Watch Your self!
Best wishes James!

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